All of our concentrations are on our next book, A Mountain to Climb!  This book has been our dream for over 40 years and we are bound and determined to make it a reality!  We both can see all of the puzzle pieces of our lives coming together and we know the time is now.  God has set us up for success and has led us both every step of the way.  We have hit road blocks and challenges, but every step has made us stronger!  We know that with God guiding our steps we will continue to move forward in the direction he has set for us.

While life tends to get in our way sometimes, it still has not diminished our dream of publishing A Mountain to Climb, and even though we have not yet met our goal date, we have not yet given up. God continues to push us each sending us signs to continue this journey and we realize it is His timing – not ours. For this we are grateful; and with His help,  we are very optimistic and know that He is leading our way to success and helping us learn more and more every day until His plan and our dream come together as one!

Thanks for supporting us on this journey!


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