Things Will Work Out!

For the past few days, my messages from God have been so clear! The messages I receive and timing in which I receive them, truly amaze me and they have over the years so many times. His timing and how He relays these messages can be mind-blowing. At times, I just sit and shake my head, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, but every time I know it was a sign, a message from God that I am an on the right path.

You have to be open to recognizing these signs. You have to be on the look-out for them as well. I’ve heard and read so many times, ask and you shall receive, and I have! True, sometimes not right away, but in His time I receive what I am looking for, waiting for, and have asked for and it comes my way! Even when I don’t receive everything I have asked for, I know there is a reason for that. Some of our unanswered prayers are the best, because something even better was given to us in its place.

God knows what we are going through. He knows the issues we are dealing with. He knows our deepest, darkest secrets. He knows everything, even the move we are going to make before we make it. That’s how He knows what we need, and when we take the wrong turn, He is there to re-direct our path so that in the end it will all work out for the better!

Every trial we go through is a testament of His love for us. He wants us to become closer to Him and trust in Him alone. Through the trials of our lives, and in our darkest times, is when we typically turn to God. When we do, He is there to guide our path and makes us even stronger. He makes us better people. He helps us become the person He created us to be! So rest peacefully knowing that even though you may be struggling at this very moment, that God is with you, and God will always be there for you. Talk to him as you would your friend, because He is your very best friend, and He will never leave your side! In fact, sometimes, God deliberately sets us back, so that we can we have the time to heal, to take care of ourselves, to recognize our need for God in our lives. This is when he is testing us and our faith. God wants us to think of Him first. He wants us to become closer to Him, and He wants what is best for all of us.

Think about all the people who have come and gone in your lifetime for a minute. Try to recognize how that person changed your life, or maybe how you changed theirs. It can truly be overwhelming when you really sit and think about it. It’s such a larger picture than you and I could ever imagine; down to the tiniest of details. God may shut some doors, but He opens others. There are so many people that will enter your life as the years move on.

God has brought me so many wonderful new amazing friends this past year that I don’t know what I would have done without them in my life right now. I thank God every day for everyone of them, and I am continually learning to be myself, trust in God, listen to what I need and not what everyone else may need. We have to take care of ourself before we can help everyone else. No matter how hard it may seem, God has our backs, and things will work out! Things will work out for the best – the way He wants them to, and in his timing, because he wants what is best for everyone involved – not just you!


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