Side Effects From Stress – Here’s One Solution That May Help You Too!


If you’ve been on this page for a while, or even a little while, you probably know my story and how much stress has impacted my life for as long as I can remember. Well, I have come to realize, that life is just a series of stressful events all tied together and interwoven into the stories of all of our lives!Stress effects each of us differently.

Recently, I have learned that I have a new condition, thanks to Stress, that it very irritating! Due to compliance reasons, I really can’t elaborate on the specific symptom I am dealing with, but I will share what I can. Lately, I can’t seem to keep my hands out of my head, so what does an oily believer do in this situation?She turns to her Reference Guide for Essential Oils APP on her phone. She goes into the guide and types the symptoms she is dealing with, ….. and low and behold this amazing APP tells me just the right oils to use and how to use them! I tried each separately for a day using them several times a day by applying directly to the areas of concern and the next day I noticed a huge improvement and now I can actually keep my hands off of my head!!!!


Essential Oils have changed my Life in so many ways, but learning to deal with my stress has been the number one reason I turned to Young Living Essential Oils, and I have been removing all of the toxins from my life as a result. I have learned so much about toxins. I have also learned so much about myself, through self-development after my heart attack. Then, when I learned that Young Living supports and teaches their leaders in the same way, it only reinforces everything I learned, and continue to learn, as I grow so that I can help so many other families with their overall health and wellness.

Check it out for yourself: 

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