It’s a New Year and a New Opportunity to Shine!

I’m curious how many of you out there choose a new ‘Word of the Year’? A word that encompasses something that you need to concentrate on in order to become a better you in 2018.  My word last year, was ‘Balance’.  As soon as I selected my word, I started to see the word everywhere I looked.  I needed to find balance in my life. I learned to balance my time with God, my husband, my family, my work, my new business, and self-development.  It was a great year and now that I have developed a better sense of balance, this year I have chosen the word ‘Focus’.


The word ‘Focus’ for me is so important, because I have balanced out what is important to me, but now I truly need to focus on what is most important and truly focus my time and attention to just that.  It is so easy to be distracted by things like TV, Facebook, Social Media, Facebook, just doing nothing, Amazon, Facebook, etc. LOL – you get the picture I’m sure. So instead of just saying, “this is what I’m going to focus on”, I now have come up with to-do’s for these areas I plan to focus on.  It’s about setting goals and then checking them off one by one!  By structuring and planning my time better, I will be able to focus more on the tasks at hand and have more time available to me to focus on the other areas!

It’s funny, when I came on here to write a post, the last post came up and there it was right in title “Keep Your Focus on God”!  I receive Signs from God all the time, and this was just yet another one to add to my never-ending list of signs!  And thank him for every last one of them!  I’ve tried in the past to start my day with God, and I do for a while, but life creeps in the way and then you get out of the habit. Of course I always spend time with God, but it is so much nicer asking God to come with you and guide you throughout your day.  This year as I focus on these key areas of life, God is definitely one of them. I am committing to start my day every day with God first thing in the morning. I love my coffee time with God and thorough enjoy reading my daily devotional books by Sarah Young!  She truly has you believing you are communicating directly with God!  Her reading has changed my life!

I strongly encourage you to pick your word for the year if you haven’t yet. Don’t be surprised how many times you begin spot your word everywhere!  Focus on what’s important to you!

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  1. Hi Sharon , I was wanting to ask you what devotional book that your reading that Sarah Young has out ? Thanks for this email and I as well am working daily on more time with God and staying focused more and more . I have many goals set that I will meet this year :). With gods help we will accomplish them all one step at a time :). Amen ! Have a great weekend … ,Judy Dollar South , Ga

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    1. Sissy – I bought her book, Jesus Calling (Morning & Night) edition, two years ago and read it every day for two years. This year, I bought her book, Jesus Always, and now I read that along with Jesus Calling! Both are written as if Jesus is talking directly to you! I have received so many signs reading her books! Highly recommend!

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