Hope for a Different Kind of Better!

Today was a little enlightening for me. I’m an author, as you know, so I write alot; I journal alot; and I am very close to God. Despite that closeness, I too struggle. We all struggle with life at times, and with the decisions we make every day. Then we have to deal with the consequences from those decisions. We have to decide, is this what I really want? Is this what I really need? The struggle is real. I am no different than anyone else who might be reading this. We all wonder from time to time, why Lord? Now what Lord? What is your plan for me? Which path should I take? Send me a sign God! Please help me to understand God!

So, today, I thought I needed to listen to some of my own advice. Silly as it seems, I picked up my book, “Break Down Your Walls: Be the Person God Created You to Be…Be a Better You!” And I began reading my Chapter, The Lord is Our Protector, and in my own words received a Sign from God, who brought me back to this book and my own words, where I read:

“Sometimes you’ll never get back to the way things were before, no matter how hard you try, but you must grow to accept that, and know that it will become a different kind of better.” – Sharon Shabinaw

Different Kindof Better!

No matter what situation you may be dealing with, know that God is with you, and God is for you! He will always be with you. Just reach out your hand and whisper His name. He will walk beside you the entire time, and He will carry you when you need to be carried!

Just remember, no matter what, there is always hope, and in every situation there is something positive to be recognized. Even our unanswered prayers turn out to be some of our greatest gifts. We just have to look a little deeper and widen our lens of view to see the bigger picture and where His hands have been and the blessings He has given us!


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