Mom and I both have been receiving signs from God for many years, and as more and more time goes by, the more we are receiving these signs.  We feel blessed to be able to recognize these signs and when we ACT on them, the reward is so great!  We are now able to visualize all of the pieces of our puzzles coming together and the puzzle is becoming clearer and clearer to both of us.  The struggles and challenges we’ve been through in our lifetimes has all been for a reason.  Those reasons are even becoming clearer and we are learning to deal with the emotional baggage that those struggles and challenges have layed on our hearts.

It took a lot of soul searching, self-development, and long talks with God but He led us to finding a way to deal with our stress and emotions so that we could do His Will. We now understand that in order for us to live our dream, we must get out of our comfort zone.  When we do, we are reaching for God’s hand and know that with him holding our hands, we can do anything!

“Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”  Matthew 14:31

I have a funny feeling this will be one of my next books!  God put that dream in my heart just the other week after church!

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