Essential Oils – Why Quality is So Important!

This is a topic that really gets my goat!  Did you know that there are no regulations when it comes to what constitutes 100% Therapeutic Grade Oils?  That’s right! Even though a bottle of essential oil you can buy right down the street at your local all-purpose store, might say 100% Therapeutic Grade Oils or All Natural, etc. it doesn’t mean that it actually is!  That’s right! As long as they have a small percentage of a 100% Therapeutic Grade Oil in their bottle, they can then add carrier oils and synthetics (which are cancerous) to their bottle to make it stretch and cut the costs way back!  Then the unknowning souls out there, who think they are doing something right and buying something that will help them, are actually purchasing the lowest grade oil that is comprised of toxins!


I always recommend you read your labels, do your research and feel good about where you are buying and what you are receiving is truly quality! Look at the price. You can not get a 100% Therapeutic Grade A Essential Oil bottle of Frankincense for only $4! Look at the warnings, look at the ingredients! Don’t be fooled!

Young Living Frankincense Ingredients:

Boswellia carterii† (Frankincense) oil
†100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil


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