God placed a dream in our hearts years ago, and today our dream is becoming a reality.  We would always correct each other saying, “You are the Wind Beneath My Wings”.

“No! YOU are the Wind Beneath MY Wings!” – but we have both now come to realize that it is truly GOD, who is the Wind Beneath  “OUR” Wings in so many ways!


Our story has been a work-in-progress for over 35 years and now, through a chain of events and intervention from God, we are finally ready to spread the word so that you, our readers, can benefit knowing that “Miracles” DO happen if you never give up hope and truly BELIEVE!

We invite you to follow us on our journey. From the moment God placed the dream in our hearts, it has always been our goal to publish our story, “A Mountain To Climb”, which elaborates in detail the pain and torment of suffering through depression, anxiety attacks and worse yet, a nervous breakdown.  It is a true story of the effects this illness has had on not only the patient, but the family as well.  It is being told through the perspective of the mother suffering through this trauma with flashbacks from her daughter’s eyes at a vulnerable time in her life when she needed her mother the most.  This is a true story to bring inspiration and hope to others who may be suffering with this illness to encourage them to know  there is a blue sky beyond the dark clouds they may be going through.  You will laugh, you will cry,  but more than anything, this story will give you chills as you read the breath taking experience and testimony from the author of the miraculous healing that took place that only God could do.

To our surprise, we realized God had another plan for us as well.  This is where “Signs from God” comes in.  It is totally unbelievable how God works when He has a mission for us and the vision starts to become clear. We both began to get these little signs and nudges that seemed to go on for a few months. We would share them with each other and compare notes, then one day it seemed the light bulb began to flicker in our minds that something was going on here!  Those nudges were relentless, so we started to document them. We then were compelled to reach out to our community as well, for others to share their stories of how God has worked in their lives. God speaks to all of us. The outpouring of love, inspirational stories, and spiritual encounters that were shared was absolutely overwhelming.  We are proud to say that through the grace of God and the desire to follow His lead, we are now able to share these stories and the testimony of the miraculous healing that took place in 1980 even sooner than we ever dreamed possible in, what has now become our first book,

“Signs from God”.  This has been a totally God driven book every step of the way, and it would not have been published without His intervention, as you will see when you read it. We believe God has had a plan for our lives through all of this, and it had to be in His timing and not ours……To God be the glory!

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