Hold Onto Your Dreams

Do you have a dream or a goal for your life? I hope that you do because everyone should have something to work towards, look forward to, and get excited about! Don’t let that dream just be a dream though. I urge you to be committed and determined never to give up!

Just because you have a dream and you pray that it comes true, doesn’t mean it will. God may have another plan for you that is better. No matter what that plan is though, you have to work at it. Good things take time. Little by Little with God’s help He will point you in the right direction. He will bring the right people into your life to help you. It can be accomplished. Things that develop slowly are accomplished with hard work and patience. The foundation-laying years of a successful business, or life, are not necessarily exciting, but they are absolutely necessary if we want something that will last. Expect Challenges because that is where we learn to grow. Develop yourself. Become a better person, the person God created you to be.

Dream Big Dreams! God wants us to be happy and He wants us to live an abundant life!

Hold Onto Your Dreams

Are You Arguing With Your Other Self?

There are times in life when we tend to doubt ourselves, our decisions, and second guess everything we do. It’s almost like we are two people. One of us has a plan, knows what they want, and can actually be happy about the potential outcome. Then there is this other person within us that always shows up and creates an internal battle inside your soul that can leave you feeling broken, stressed, a nervous wreck, and even make you so sick you break down.Β  That’s actually what happened to my mother. It’s amazing that I am able to recognize this in my own life as a result of what my mother went through all those years ago.

I am so blessed to have such a strong mother, she was a fighter. She turned to God, and God took control. If you are struggling with a similar situation, or just doubting your own ability to make a decision, I encourage you to Stop Fighting Yourself, and Start Fighting For Yourself!

Listen to your heart and validate what it is YOU actually want. Push aside all the chatter of everyone else, and stop worrying about pleasing everyone because you simply can’t. Don’t worry what people think of you, because they are not living in your shoes. Do what is right for you and keep the faith that you are making the right decision. Even if it is the wrong decision, God will find a way to turn it around and make it even better!

Someone recently told me that you are the only driver of your train; the train of your life! You can’t drive someone else’s train. You can’t change anyone; they have to be willing to do the hard work themselves. What you can do though, is protect your conductor. That protection comes from God, and He is fighting for us even when we can’t fight for ourselves. So give your burdens and your worries to God and let Him carry the them for you. Listen to what He has to say, validate whether or not you need to act or take an action regarding your situation, and do your best to follow His path. Then come back to the present and live one day at a time; just keep on keeping on and move forward knowing you did the best you could for you!

With God’s help you can fight for yourself! Fight for your life! Fight for what is right!

fighting yourself

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Side Effects From Stress – Here’s One Solution That May Help You Too!


If you’ve been on this page for a while, or even a little while, you probably know my story and how much stress has impacted my life for as long as I can remember. Well, I have come to realize, that life is just a series of stressful events all tied together and interwoven into the stories of all of our lives!Stress effects each of us differently.

Recently, I have learned that I have a new condition, thanks to Stress, that it very irritating! Due to compliance reasons, I really can’t elaborate on the specific symptom I am dealing with, but I will share what I can. Lately, I can’t seem to keep my hands out of my head, so what does an oily believer do in this situation?She turns to her Reference Guide for Essential Oils APP on her phone. She goes into the guide and types the symptoms she is dealing with, ….. and low and behold this amazing APP tells me just the right oils to use and how to use them! I tried each separately for a day using them several times a day by applying directly to the areas of concern and the next day I noticed a huge improvement and now I can actually keep my hands off of my head!!!!


Essential Oils have changed my Life in so many ways, but learning to deal with my stress has been the number one reason I turned to Young Living Essential Oils, and I have been removing all of the toxins from my life as a result. I have learned so much about toxins. I have also learned so much about myself, through self-development after my heart attack. Then, when I learned that Young Living supports and teaches their leaders in the same way, it only reinforces everything I learned, and continue to learn, as I grow so that I can help so many other families with their overall health and wellness.

Check it out for yourself: www.believeinessentials.comΒ 

Things Will Work Out!

For the past few days, my messages from God have been so clear! The messages I receive and timing in which I receive them, truly amaze me and they have over the years so many times. His timing and how He relays these messages can be mind-blowing. At times, I just sit and shake my head, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, but every time I know it was a sign, a message from God that I am an on the right path.

You have to be open to recognizing these signs. You have to be on the look-out for them as well. I’ve heard and read so many times, ask and you shall receive, and I have! True, sometimes not right away, but in His time I receive what I am looking for, waiting for, and have asked for and it comes my way! Even when I don’t receive everything I have asked for, I know there is a reason for that. Some of our unanswered prayers are the best, because something even better was given to us in its place.

God knows what we are going through. He knows the issues we are dealing with. He knows our deepest, darkest secrets. He knows everything, even the move we are going to make before we make it. That’s how He knows what we need, and when we take the wrong turn, He is there to re-direct our path so that in the end it will all work out for the better!

Every trial we go through is a testament of His love for us. He wants us to become closer to Him and trust in Him alone. Through the trials of our lives, and in our darkest times, is when we typically turn to God. When we do, He is there to guide our path and makes us even stronger. He makes us better people. He helps us become the person He created us to be! So rest peacefully knowing that even though you may be struggling at this very moment, that God is with you, and God will always be there for you. Talk to him as you would your friend, because He is your very best friend, and He will never leave your side! In fact, sometimes, God deliberately sets us back, so that we can we have the time to heal, to take care of ourselves, to recognize our need for God in our lives. This is when he is testing us and our faith. God wants us to think of Him first. He wants us to become closer to Him, and He wants what is best for all of us.

Think about all the people who have come and gone in your lifetime for a minute. Try to recognize how that person changed your life, or maybe how you changed theirs. It can truly be overwhelming when you really sit and think about it. It’s such a larger picture than you and I could ever imagine; down to the tiniest of details. God may shut some doors, but He opens others. There are so many people that will enter your life as the years move on.

God has brought me so many wonderful new amazing friends this past year that I don’t know what I would have done without them in my life right now. I thank God every day for everyone of them, and I am continually learning to be myself, trust in God, listen to what I need and not what everyone else may need. We have to take care of ourself before we can help everyone else. No matter how hard it may seem, God has our backs, and things will work out! Things will work out for the best – the way He wants them to, and in his timing, because he wants what is best for everyone involved – not just you!


Essential Oils – Why Quality is So Important!

This is a topic that really gets my goat!Β  Did you know that there are no regulations when it comes to what constitutes 100% Therapeutic Grade Oils?Β  That’s right! Even though a bottle of essential oil you can buy right down the street at your local all-purpose store, might say 100% Therapeutic Grade Oils or All Natural, etc. it doesn’t mean that it actually is!Β  That’s right! As long as they have a small percentage of a 100% Therapeutic Grade Oil in their bottle, they can then add carrier oils and synthetics (which are cancerous) to their bottle to make it stretch and cut the costs way back!Β  Then the unknowning souls out there, who think they are doing something right and buying something that will help them, are actually purchasing the lowest grade oil that is comprised of toxins!


I always recommend you read your labels, do your research and feel good about where you are buying and what you are receiving is truly quality!Β Look at the price. You can not get a 100% Therapeutic Grade A Essential Oil bottle of Frankincense for only $4! Look at the warnings, look at the ingredients! Don’t be fooled!

Young Living Frankincense Ingredients:

Boswellia carterii† (Frankincense) oil
†100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil


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Hope for a Different Kind of Better!

Today was a little enlightening for me. I’m an author, as you know, so I write alot; I journal alot; and I am very close to God. Despite that closeness, I too struggle. We all struggle with life at times, and with the decisions we make every day. Then we have to deal with the consequences from those decisions. We have to decide, is this what I really want? Is this what I really need? The struggle is real. I am no different than anyone else who might be reading this. We all wonder from time to time, why Lord? Now what Lord? What is your plan for me? Which path should I take? Send me a sign God! Please help me to understand God!

So, today, I thought I needed to listen to some of my own advice. Silly as it seems, I picked up my book, “Break Down Your Walls: Be the Person God Created You to Be…Be a Better You!” And I began reading my Chapter, The Lord is Our Protector, and in my own words received a Sign from God, who brought me back to this book and my own words, where I read:

“Sometimes you’ll never get back to the way things were before, no matter how hard you try, but you must grow to accept that, and know that it will become a different kind of better.” – Sharon Shabinaw

Different Kindof Better!

No matter what situation you may be dealing with, know that God is with you, and God is for you! He will always be with you. Just reach out your hand and whisper His name. He will walk beside you the entire time, and He will carry you when you need to be carried!

Just remember, no matter what, there is always hope, and in every situation there is something positive to be recognized. Even our unanswered prayers turn out to be some of our greatest gifts. We just have to look a little deeper and widen our lens of view to see the bigger picture and where His hands have been and the blessings He has given us!