We All Face Disappointments!

Everyone gets disappointed, and everyone deals with disappointments differently. Trust me, I am no better than any of you who may be reading this. It’s easy to say how one should act, or how one should feel, but unless we are walking in the same exact path and the same exact scenarios, we are all different and will never know what or how someone is dealing and living through.  Yes, we may have lost a loved one at the same age, with the same disease, but not exactly in the same manner. Our circumstances are our own and therefore we can not or should not compare our story or situation to anyone elses.

lionofjudahLosing a loved one causes us much more than just a feeling of  ‘disappointment’, but I felt I needed to use a drastic example to get my point across. Whenever we are feeling alone or disappointed, we can all become sad, withdrawn, and sink into ourselves, but thankfully, we have God within us and beside us at all times. We have to remember, He is there holding our hands or carrying us through our darkest times. Yes, we could give into these feelings and continue to go down that deep dark hole and Satin would be very pleased with us. Wouldn’t it be better if when life disappoints us, we disappoint Satin by deciding to make the best out of our situation?

A positive attitude is our most attractive asset and a very valuable thing to have.  No matter what circumstance we are dealing with, it is our decision on how we handle life’s twists and turns.  We can either choose to be joyful with a positive attitude and search as deep as we have to until we find a positive thing to be grateful for.  There is always a positive in even the darkest of moments.

It is so easy to have a good attitude when everything is going our way, but if we want to grow in our spiritual maturity, we need to develop the ability to remain positive even during the storms of our lives. When we can master this challenging element of surprise and remain calm during the storm, it glorifies our God and shines through to others allowing them to recognize there is always something to be grateful for.  When we believe that God is in control at all times, and in all ways, we just have to remember that He loves each and every one of us and that His world is so much larger than our little world. Our lives touch so many other lives, that we don’t even realize the effect we could have someone. God knows though. He knows each and every one of us intimately and knows our every move before we even do. He knows how the chain effect will work, so we just need to believe that everything happens for a reason even when we can’t see the reason. We have to have faith and trust, but realize too that our attitude belongs to us and nobody can force us to have a good attitude or a bad attitude.  Our decision-making powers are our own and we can decide whether to be happy or sad, miserable or joyful. The choice is yours. Just know with God, we will get through the storm with His guiding love, and for that alone, I am grateful!


Stop Making Excuses

How many times have we said, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”? How many times have you convinced yourself you don’t feel like doing it today because you don’t feel good, it’s too cold, it’s raining, it’s snowing, it’s too hot out, or there’s not enough time to get it done now?  Well, the time is now to stop making excuses and instead start thinking of all the reasons you need to do it now!

Putting things off until tomorrow is just going to delay everything in life. If you want to make a change, if you want to make more money, if you want to grow in your career, if you want to become a better person, you have to start now.  Just do it! Get off of the sofa, get out of bed, get up and just get going!

Break down those walls you’ve put up around yourself to protect you. Get out of your comfort zone. Take a chance. What do you have to lose? If you don’t start, nothing will change. The decision is yours and yours alone. Only you can change your life and the direction of your journey. You can choose to take the long road, or you can choose to take the fast track.  Ask God to help guide you and to give you the courage you need to start today. Ask for the determination to keep pushing forward even when you don’t want to. He knows what you want. He knows what you need. He knows what you are going to do before you even get moving.

Start now by thanking God for what you have been given and for all the blessings he is sending your way!

Living An Abundant Life

This past year God has answered so many of my prayers, and He has lead me on so many new adventures. I have been able to improve on myself through self-development training, reading, podcasts, and so much more. I have traveled to Salt Lake City, UT for Convention in June last year and was able to experience to thrill of being a part of something so big! I have met some amazing new friends, many of whom will become life-long friends as we share some of the most amazing traits and interests. We have met through my books and or through our love of Young Living Essential Oils and products.  You see God is blessing my business and He is sending me all like-mind people. Every person I have met through my business has been spiritual, and that is how I know God is sending them to me. All of the people on my team who are doing the business are believers and we can all recognize His work in our lives every day.

When I first started with Young Living in November of 2016 my commission was $52 dollars. In November 2017, I earned $813.00 and am very close to hitting my next rank within the business. When I rank up next, my commission will almost double instantly and then it will continue to increase.  You know how when you start saving money in your IRA or 401k, the more money you have, the more money you make? Well, the larger my team grows, the faster it grows, and when my team grows my commission grows.  I have big goals.  They call this a 4-year career for a reason.  You have to work hard at it for the first couple of years and then it gets easier. You are making residual money, and that money is also willable to your children or family. Once you have a team working and everyone is growing, it happens faster and faster and everyone grows more and more.

The harder you work, the faster you grow. Naysayers call it a pyramid scheme, but every company is a pyramid scheme if you think about – even your corporate companies out there.  But with Young Living, by helping the leaders under you grow, you grow. And if you slack off, and those leaders under you are working harder than you  – guess what, they will pass you right up!  They will be earning more commission than you!  You get rewarded for your hard work, and you can be promoted based on your hard work. Those of you working in the corporate world right now know this is not possible in your company and if you’re lucky you might get a 3% Raise, if the company did well, and if your boss rates you above average.



Knowing the fact that I can make thousands of dollars in a single month doing what I love gives me so much incentive to keep pushing forward! I encourage you to jump on my Energy Bus and together we can take it to the top of that Mountain!  


One day, I will be standing on the stage at Convention in Salt Lake City, UT sharing my story and I hope you will be there on stage right along with me!


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Commission 2016 Income Disclosure

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Positive Self-Talk

If we are going to make a change, we have to start with ourselves. Remember, we can’t change anyone, we can only change our reaction to situations. That’s why it is so important to look at ourselves in the mirror. What do you see? Regardless of how you might be feeling at the moment, whether you are still in your pajama’s, your hair is a mess, you have circles under your eyes, or maybe you just got back from the gym and you’re all sweaty and feel disgusting, we have to look deeper within ourselves. We have to remember that we are a child of God and He gave each and every one of us life. He gave us the desire and ability to live a life full of abundance. He wants the very best for each of us and it’s up to us to follow his lead.

It is up to us to start believing that we are worth it! It might feel silly to go stand in the mirror and say to yourself, “I am a beautiful person”, “I am strong”, “I am determined and successful”, “I have a lot to be proud of”, or “I am in control of my life”. I could go on and on, but if we don’t change our attitude and remove the negative thinking, with only positive affirmations, we will just talk ourselves into feeling insecure, unloved, unsuccessful, unworthy, and weak.  Do you remember a time when you woke up and just didn’t feel like going to work? You laid there and said to yourself, “I don’t feel good”, “I’m tired.”, “I just don’t want to do anything.”, “I really think I’m coming down with something.”? Sure enough, if you lay their long enough talking yourself into it, you will start to feel those things and you will just roll back over and go back to sleep.  Instead, change your mindset. Ask God for the strength to get you out of bed because you know he has plans for you and any day with God is a good day!

Granted there are some days that God just wants us to lay in bed because we have overdone it lately and our bodies need the rest, or we need quiet time to reflect on ourselves. I can’t tell you how many times God has laid me up because he knew I needed a break. At first, I feel like I was just thrown a curve ball, but then I realize, it was God’s Will.  He knew I was overworked, worn out, and just needed time to rejuvenate my body and soul. I couldn’t be more grateful for those opportunities. You see even in our darkest hours, there is a light of positiveness. We just need to look deep enough and learn to see through the clouds because behind every cloud there is a ray of sunshine!

The next time you are feeling down on yourself, or you don’t want to get out of bed and you are just trying to convince yourself to give into those negative feelings, that’s when you have to force your mindset to positive thinking. Dig deeper into the strength that God gave you. Take the high road. Instead start convincing yourself that you feel great, remember those affirmations: you are strong; you are determined; you are successful; you are loved; you are worthy!



2018 Positive Thinking

Every day is a new opportunity!  Yesterday, I asked God for some ideas on topics I could Blog about as I regain some focus in my writing this year. Whenever I am writing, I always turn to God for his support, and he always answers me. Sometimes he answers me right away, and other times it takes a little longer for me to pick up on his will, but yesterday it only took about 30 minutes before he answered me!  I had an appointment at the gym and the person I was meeting was delayed, but instead of getting discouraged or mad, it allowed me some extra time to just sit and relax. I happened to find some positive affirmations with an entire list of over 100 exercises and/or thought-provoking ideas that had been written down as motivation for the members of the gym. Immediately, I recognized that list as my sign from God to elaborate on each of those topics in my blog. It it my goal to share positivity with everyone and help change the way we think, because when we are happy and can always find the positive, even in our darkest hours, we can impact so many people and we can live a healthier and happier life in 2018 full of abundance in many different ways!


I have always been a person who loves to put a positive spin on things and it excites me to play devils advocate with people by getting them to turn their negative thinking into positive thinking. So when this list crossed my path, it grabbed my attention in a big way!  Yes, God is good and he is always listening to us even when we don’t address him specifically.  He knows what we need, what we want, and he continually is leading us to what we need, who we need in our lives, and to become the person he created us to be.  I am excited to begin this thought-provoking series and hope to impact many of you in a positive change for the better!  I would love to make this an interactive experience where we share comments and feedback and other ideas so we can help others change their mindset as well. Everyone has their own story to share and we all need to step out of comfort zone if we are going to make a change for the better! The biggest thing I’ve learned since my heart attack, and I know I’ve said this many times in many different venues, but we can’t change anyone. We can only change our reaction to the situation. This is why I feel it is so important to share with everyone and anyone who is interested in becoming a better person – the person God created us to be!

It’s a New Year and a New Opportunity to Shine!

I’m curious how many of you out there choose a new ‘Word of the Year’? A word that encompasses something that you need to concentrate on in order to become a better you in 2018.  My word last year, was ‘Balance’.  As soon as I selected my word, I started to see the word everywhere I looked.  I needed to find balance in my life. I learned to balance my time with God, my husband, my family, my work, my new business, and self-development.  It was a great year and now that I have developed a better sense of balance, this year I have chosen the word ‘Focus’.


The word ‘Focus’ for me is so important, because I have balanced out what is important to me, but now I truly need to focus on what is most important and truly focus my time and attention to just that.  It is so easy to be distracted by things like TV, Facebook, Social Media, Facebook, just doing nothing, Amazon, Facebook, etc. LOL – you get the picture I’m sure. So instead of just saying, “this is what I’m going to focus on”, I now have come up with to-do’s for these areas I plan to focus on.  It’s about setting goals and then checking them off one by one!  By structuring and planning my time better, I will be able to focus more on the tasks at hand and have more time available to me to focus on the other areas!

It’s funny, when I came on here to write a post, the last post came up and there it was right in title “Keep Your Focus on God”!  I receive Signs from God all the time, and this was just yet another one to add to my never-ending list of signs!  And thank him for every last one of them!  I’ve tried in the past to start my day with God, and I do for a while, but life creeps in the way and then you get out of the habit. Of course I always spend time with God, but it is so much nicer asking God to come with you and guide you throughout your day.  This year as I focus on these key areas of life, God is definitely one of them. I am committing to start my day every day with God first thing in the morning. I love my coffee time with God and thorough enjoy reading my daily devotional books by Sarah Young!  She truly has you believing you are communicating directly with God!  Her reading has changed my life!

I strongly encourage you to pick your word for the year if you haven’t yet. Don’t be surprised how many times you begin spot your word everywhere!  Focus on what’s important to you!