2018 Positive Thinking

Every day is a new opportunity!  Yesterday, I asked God for some ideas on topics I could Blog about as I regain some focus in my writing this year. Whenever I am writing, I always turn to God for his support, and he always answers me. Sometimes he answers me right away, and other times it takes a little longer for me to pick up on his will, but yesterday it only took about 30 minutes before he answered me!  I had an appointment at the gym and the person I was meeting was delayed, but instead of getting discouraged or mad, it allowed me some extra time to just sit and relax. I happened to find some positive affirmations with an entire list of over 100 exercises and/or thought-provoking ideas that had been written down as motivation for the members of the gym. Immediately, I recognized that list as my sign from God to elaborate on each of those topics in my blog. It it my goal to share positivity with everyone and help change the way we think, because when we are happy and can always find the positive, even in our darkest hours, we can impact so many people and we can live a healthier and happier life in 2018 full of abundance in many different ways!


I have always been a person who loves to put a positive spin on things and it excites me to play devils advocate with people by getting them to turn their negative thinking into positive thinking. So when this list crossed my path, it grabbed my attention in a big way!  Yes, God is good and he is always listening to us even when we don’t address him specifically.  He knows what we need, what we want, and he continually is leading us to what we need, who we need in our lives, and to become the person he created us to be.  I am excited to begin this thought-provoking series and hope to impact many of you in a positive change for the better!  I would love to make this an interactive experience where we share comments and feedback and other ideas so we can help others change their mindset as well. Everyone has their own story to share and we all need to step out of comfort zone if we are going to make a change for the better! The biggest thing I’ve learned since my heart attack, and I know I’ve said this many times in many different venues, but we can’t change anyone. We can only change our reaction to the situation. This is why I feel it is so important to share with everyone and anyone who is interested in becoming a better person – the person God created us to be!

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