A Mother & Daughter Team following God’s lead to inspire others through their writing and inspirational messages!

A Sign from God is where it all began. The year was 1980 when Arlene received the breath of life from God through a miraculous healing as she laid on the gurney listening to the doctors tell her family that they could do no more for her.  We had hoped through all of the shock treatments, tranquilizers, therapy sessions, etc. that eventually she would have gotten better.  Little did the family know, at that very moment a miracle was happening inside that room that would change the course of everyone’s lives.

This is the miracle and story that we need to share.  This has been our mission for over 41 years now.  God has been our inspiration through this entire journey.  We have received many signs along the way from God as he has directed our paths and steps that have brought you here today. God has given us the dream; the will; and the belief that this story, “A Mountain to Climb” will be published and placed in the hands of many believers in faith and miracles!  We have learned though that everything happens in His timing and not ours.  God has given us signs to let us know, that the time is now. We’ve also learned that certain things have to happen before you can realize your ultimate dream.  God led us down the path of documenting our signs and signs from other believers, which turned into our first book, “Signs from God”, now available on Amazon!  Currently, we are sharing inspirational messages within our website on a daily basis to help inspire you, our readers and followers, to become the person God created you to be!

Our journey is far from over and we would love to have you join, support, and follow us on the rest of our journey as we continue working towards publishing our best work yet, in the book, “A Mountain to Climb”!

Thanks for support on this journey!

“Thank you so much people of God I love and appreciate you all so much I will always give God the Glory for using you to bless others, have a blessed day love you all.”   – Doreen

“Thank you once again for your help and comfort today. I pray that God blesses you as you are a blessing to so many.”    – Yvonne


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